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To all those who want in on the real secret to photography.....

That's quite the title. 

And yes - there really is a secret (well...two secrets) to being a great photographer.

What follows is my process, my 'behind the scenes', what I do for EVERY photo shoot....

Are you ready for it?

#1. It's YOU. (obviously....for my photography; its ME. But....you probably got that:))

You hold all the answers...all your experiances, dreams, ways of thinking, ways of seeing, ways of doing....are unique to just you!  No one else has what you have.  It's awesome!

This took me awhile to figure out.  It happened one day after I had looked through 4 fashion magazines, perused too many photography blogs, and spent lots more hours than I should have on pinterest.  I wanted to be inspired....I wanted to find the perfect backdrop, location, lighting, props, and method.

I wanted the 'secret' others seemed to have that was so elusive to me.

I'd been spending all this time and energy looking at what had already been done....and what I was beginning to believe I could never do. (enter negative self-talk and downward whirlpool) sigh.

And then it hit me.

Secret #2 -  I had direct access to the Ultimate Creator.  The Ultimate Source of Inspiration.  Yup, you know what I mean.....prayer.  I could ask for help and direction and inspiration directly from the true souce of it all....like better than anything I could find online. WOW.

you mean I dont have to suscribe to any more magazines? blogs? spend hours online?


Isn't that awesome!?

You and God together....can do amazing things!

There you go...the secret to great, unique, amazing, photography:)

Now....dont get me wrong - education (loved Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson), equipment (it does make a difference....so excited to get my hands on one of these), and practice (all the time in all sorts of light) are HUGE!  There needs to be matter for you and God to organize together:)

(If you have any questions about education, equipment, and practice; feel free to email me captures@msn.com)


but....really....the answers are already inside of you, and the key to those answers is prayer.

Try it....I double-dog dare you:)