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Wallace family

This family came ready for a photo shoot!!  They had such great pictures for a large family shoot...and I had a good time myself - I've shot just about each one of the little families seperately, so it was kinda like a family reunion (but not where everyone sits at their own tables:)

**side note, and way off topic** dont read the Ensign after shaving your legs...chills galore:)






I love this picture, because its truth defined! This is REALLY what setting up a family for a shot looks like...:)






Sometimes when I think of what I put my clients through - I cringe:)  For a baby shoot you come to my house...into my weed-infested backyard only to see the backdrops ducktaped to the side of my house..lol..its just so NOT fancy and pretty.  I do have a vision...of a beautifully lit studio, with comfortable places to sit, and lights I dont have to take up and down..sigh..one day:)

This baby guy was boy heaven, and thank you Ruth for putting up with my un-fabulous studio:)










Connor Family

I truly really totally just dig this mom:)  She teaches pillates, which makes me want to NOT like her....but I just can't help myself.  She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on he outside!