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Peel family

Yes, this is a REAL family.  You might be tempted into thinking that perfection like this doesn't exist - I have proof!! :)  Every time I shoot this gorgeous bunch, I know I'm in for a treat:)  I just get to do my own thing, and they arrive looking like they've had a personal assistant dress them for 5 hours....and to top it all off, they know how to take a picture!!  Siggghhhh...its photography heaven:)






Ava and Emerson

I REALLY just love my job.  I have the ultimate creative outlet, get to meet all of you cool people, and for the most part be at my favorite place - home! (although home just barely beats out Ginza and their fabulous Xrolls....oh my, to die for!)

Sisterhood is such an amazing thing....don't you think?  Little Ava in the fifth picture down...is showing it of to perfection! I know there's fighting and emotions, but in the end  - that sister bond is a beautiful thing:)