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Corbin and Hudson

SUCH beautiful boys!!!



Steve and Kelli

Kelli, I'm totally honored you remembered me from your senior shoot, and found me to do your wedding:) Thankyou for the privilege!!


Christensen Family

Happy November:) ....I've decided that as I get older, Halloween has kind of lost its charm....and I'm a bit bummed about this, because it makes me feel like a fuddyduddy.  Aren't we supposed to be able to channel our inner children, and not feel the cold, or exhaustion, and be able to see the dumdum as a found treasure instead of a sucker thats really just to small?  Hmmmm...I hope Im not turning into a partypooper, and that at least for the next 10 or so Halloweens I can fake my way through it:)

This sweet boy, is the little skunk I have posted up in my children section - he's such a joy, and his new little sister is adorable:) She even let us shove her in a drawer....kind of:)  Thanks Mrs.Brooke! Your wonderful!