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Bountiful Temple/LDS temples

Jason, this is just for you:)

8x8:$25.00 10x10:$37.00 11x14:$47.00 16x20:$82.00 10x20:$64.00 17x30:$89.99 20x20:$110.00

Now, each image can for the most part be any of these sizes....you can have no words, your own words, or the words I've used - just let me know:)


Heather / Utah bride photographer

Im back:)...in the cold, and stressed!!  I KNOW this time of year is busy, but for some reason that didn't stop me from booking myself way to much in Arizona (although....the shoots there were awesome!) So now here I sit... unshowered, editing, eating 4 hour old yogurt, and wondering how the heck it can already be 1:00pm!  sheesh.

This bride IS real:) (I bumped into her a few times, so I know for sure.) I love the contrast between these two shoots - we did the wheat field first, and then when I found out she was having a carnival themed reception....I couldn't stop myself from asking her to do some fun ones, and she with her enviable long legs agreed:) 



Davis Family

Im heading off to Arizona for some shoots tomorrow, say hello to 75 degree weather..yay! Its such a great place to shoot....warm and warm:)

SO...yes, you counted right - 8 kids! sigh....I love it!!  I have 7 siblings, so I know all about 8 kids:) I wish I had pictures like this of all of us...before life set in, and everyone started living their own lives.  Michelle, you are SUCH a beautiful mama....thank you for your 'realness':)