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Christensen Family

Happy November:) ....I've decided that as I get older, Halloween has kind of lost its charm....and I'm a bit bummed about this, because it makes me feel like a fuddyduddy.  Aren't we supposed to be able to channel our inner children, and not feel the cold, or exhaustion, and be able to see the dumdum as a found treasure instead of a sucker thats really just to small?  Hmmmm...I hope Im not turning into a partypooper, and that at least for the next 10 or so Halloweens I can fake my way through it:)

This sweet boy, is the little skunk I have posted up in my children section - he's such a joy, and his new little sister is adorable:) She even let us shove her in a drawer....kind of:)  Thanks Mrs.Brooke! Your wonderful!



Robbins family

This to me, is what being a forever family is all about:)  Angie...nice work on your beautiful kids:)




You know....I love being a Mormon:)  And whenever I do these baptism shoots, I can't help but think of the amazing souls that live inside these little bodies, and how lucky we are to be guardians and stewards over these children who if we listen closely enough to -  have so much to teach us:) 

Brayden, you rock! You handsome little thing!!