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Davis Family

Im heading off to Arizona for some shoots tomorrow, say hello to 75 degree weather..yay! Its such a great place to shoot....warm and warm:)

SO...yes, you counted right - 8 kids! sigh....I love it!!  I have 7 siblings, so I know all about 8 kids:) I wish I had pictures like this of all of us...before life set in, and everyone started living their own lives.  Michelle, you are SUCH a beautiful mama....thank you for your 'realness':) 


Coleman and Crew

I just have one word for this shoot...dreamy:)  Its like all the forces of nature combined to give me the MOST perfect lighting - and then this family, was just..siggghhhh...well...dreamy!

















Yes, I know this is a tad bit cheesy, BUT I myself am a bit cheesy (only sometimes...maybe..), and I just couldn't help myself from doing it. :)



McConkie family

SO, the other night my little T-Rex was saying our evening prayer....and as he was wrapping it up, he said, "thankyou that my little sister is now googling" :) SO cute...and I think it describes those little cooing sounds perfectly!!

Now, if you have an old wooden pew AND you want to bring it to your photo shoot.....there's no question -  we're going to get along:)  This family is funky and cool in all the ways I wish I was:) 

(Nicole, the outfit was perfect on little C, and I can't wait till she's big enough to wear the other one:)