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Jacobsen family - Utah family photographer

 I survived!! What a crazy season:) That's good....I know, but can also just frazzle me to pieces! I am tremendously grateful to all of you who have so patient, and kind, and sweet, and did I say patient? :)  I have 27 posts to blog... not to mention all the edits I still need to catch up on - so I might post a couple a day, or I might drag it out:) 

 What a wonderful family (and seriously gorgeous:) Thanks for having me!!!


Garretts - Utah family photographer

This family has taken care of me for such a long time...and although I'd like to think they're MY family, they really belong to my most wonderful friend Becky:)  

I woke up this morning....a bit frazzled, (as usual this time of year)and saw my husband playing my messages for me on my phone (otherwise, as he knows...I don't check them very often)  So I'm helping my T-rex make chocolate dipped pretzels, and all the sudden I hear a Christmas song being sung...on my voicemail...lol...I just grinned form ear to ear. I knew just who it was, and will now have a special place in my heart for 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' ...lol..We've been through quite a bit this lady and I:)  Some of it thick and a lot of it thin:)  I just cherish her and her friendship, and count her as one of my most treasured blessings!!!


Lyla - Utah baby photographer

Meet my little niece:)